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State Attorney General Accuses Manhattan Hotel of Scam


The Manhattan Club on W. 56th St., near iconic Carnegie Hall, is a high-end, luxury hotel. It describes itself as a “residence-style boutique hotel” combining the style of a vacation ownership property with the luxury of a world-class hotel. It perhaps makes sense that it is a difficult hotel to book—maybe too difficult, especially for owners of a timeshare program run out of the hotel. As a result, buyers have complained about the timeshare program to the Attorney General’s office.

Ian Bruce Eichner, the developer for the Manhattan Club, has been accused of building a fraudulent timeshare business. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has charged Eichner and other club associates for allegedly selling 14,000 timeshares for a hotel with only 286 units. Buyers were allegedly told that the hotel does not cater to the general public and that booking for the hotel would be easy and straightforward.

Eric Schneiderman apparently conducted an investigation into the hotel’s timeshare program using his own staff, who said the sales team used high-pressure tactics and inaccurate information to sell units. However, Eichner’s company has promised to be completely and totally cooperative with the Attorney General’s office, hoping to provide clarity and dispel the allegations with the truth.

The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney

When the power of the State Attorney General is directed toward an individual or a business, hiring a criminal defense attorney is even more vital than it normally is. In cases such as these, the prosecution will often begin gathering evidence before making formal charges (as demonstrated by Mr. Schneiderman’s staff).

Calling a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer would not be an admission or even a sign of guilt, either—you can fully cooperate with law enforcement while acting under the advice and protection of a lawyer. That’s why having an attorney on your side as soon as possible can make a significant difference in your case—our work helps put the situation back in your control, preventing information from being used against you unfairly or without context.

If you suspect that you are the subject of a criminal investigation, call our attorney as soon as possible. As a former prosecutor, I have the inside knowledge and strategic experience you need to maximize your chance for a positive outcome. Call (718) 395-2067 today.

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